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Football will be the theme for this year’s Hungarian Film Festival in Malaysia from 7-10 June, 2018 at the GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

The Festival, being held to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Match of the Century, will be free to all. It would also be in conjunction with the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018.

The free screenings are courtesy of the Embassy of Hungary in Kuala Lumpur.

The match between Hungary and England at the Empire Wembley Stadium in 1953 had all the ingredients of being a classic and it lived up to the expectations.

Hungary, led by the indomitable Ferenc Puskás, came into the match as the reigning Olympic champions and unbeaten since 1950. England, with Sir Alfred Ramsey at the back, had lost only once, in 1940 to Republic of Ireland Ireland, at home.

Hungary led 4-2 in the first half and went on to win the memorable match 6-3.

The documentary on Puskas, who scored two of the goals in the win, would be among the movies to be screened at the Festival.


Puskas Hungary tells the story of legendary soccer star. It is an exciting and emotional portrayal of Puskas, as the kid from Kispest who became the brightest star in the footballing arena.

As the captain the Hungary football team, famously known as the Golden Team and the Magical Magyars, he was already seen as a legend everywhere.

But,adoration turned to persecution when he fled his homeland during the Hungary Revolution in 1956.

After a number of years of physical and mental breakdown, he returned to the top with an amazing effort once again in his 30’s, and became a world- renowned forward for the Real Madrid.



The second documentary to be screened during the Festival is Barca’s Untold Legends.

The documentary is about FC Barcelona and it’s legendary players from Hungary in the 1950s.

Laszlo Kubala’s fame was the prime reason that Camp Nou was constructed, that still stand as the largest football stadium in Europe

Following the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Kubala was joined at Barca by two stars of Hungary’s Golden Team – Sandor Kocsis and Zoltan Czibor.

The trio won the hearts of fans throughout Catalonia and the Spanish-speaking world.

But behind their success each suffered their share of professional challenges and personal tragedy.

Interviews with Luis Suarez, other former teammates and the sons of these football legends, combined with footage of unforgettable matches and hitherto unseen goals, all help to tell the tale of Barca’s Untold Legends.



The third movie Brazils is not a documentary but rather a comedy.

It tells of a story of the chaos among the gypsy minority of the town of Acsa when the mayor, urged by the new young priest of the village, decides start a football team.





The final movie slated for the Festival is also a comedy 6:3 A.K.A PAST PLAYS ITSELF.

The movie is also centered around the Match of the Century as a mysterious man appears out of nowhere and predicts the match results.




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