Gone are the days when the possibility of publishing and promoting your sports stories or opinions was a herculean task. With Buletin Sukan, you can come out of the shadows to showcase your work more openly and with minimal constraints.

Whether you are a sportsman, enthusiasts, armchair critic, serious journalist, an aspiring sportswriter, sports photographer or a sports videographer, we would like to give you a platform to publish your work with us.

We hope to monetize the site in the near future, so that all writers can earn as they write on Buletin Sukan.

How do I apply to start writing for Buletin Sukan?

You can start writing by contacting us with your personal details and at least one article (in English of Bahasa Malaysia) and emailing to editor@buletinsukan.com  Alternatively, you can go to https://buletinsukan.com/contact/ and send us the details.

Once you have been accepted, you will be given a login ID to start submitting your articles.


How do I submit my articles?

Once your account has been approved and you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard. From the dashboard, you can create a new post and submit it for review.


My dashboard

In your dashboard, you can view all your drafts and submissions. Any article submitted by you will appear under ‘Pending Review’ initially till it has been reviewed by our editing team.


What can I write on?

Analysis, Opinions, Event Reports, Interviews, Humour or any sports related articles, slideshows or event video podcasts.
You can submit a news article for publishing, but only if it hasn’t been published anywhere else, i.e., only if you are in direct touch with the primary source of the news.


Length of articles?

A feature article (i.e. analysis/opinion) should be at least 500 words long.

A news article should be at least 300 words long.


How do I add images/videos to my articles?

If you do have images/videos that you own copyright, you can upload it together with the article.
If you do not have any related pictures, chances of the article being used would be much lower. However, the editorial team will try to match the article with images from our licensed image library.

When will my article get published?

All time-sensitive articles are published as soon as possible but no later than 4 hours of being submitted.
Timeless articles could take a little longer to publish, but would be published within 24hours.


All writers will see their by-lines for their articles. In addition, we will also use photos of writers as by-lines.



Buletin Sukan’s editorial team screens and edits every article. There can be several reasons for rejection, including:
1. Too many language and grammatical errors.
2. Any part of the article is plagiarized.
3. It is irrational or without factual backing.
4. It is poorly researched.
5. It spews hatred against any particular player, team, community, country or region.
6. It pokes fun at any person or player based on physical appearances.